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The only independent, public Golf Driving Range in the Solothurn-Biel area, at the foot of the south Jura mountains, where you find the optimal training areas for all playing levels.

Range ball prices

Jetons                      5.-                30 balls

Coins                        5.-                30 balls




Ball Card                   5.-                30 balls

GC Seeland              4.-                30 balls

Green Fee included in the price of the Range Balls.

* 33'000 Sqm grass area

* 24 Practice mats, 12 under cover and lit

* Grass practice area

​* Large Green-side Bunker

* Pitching Green approx. 400 Sqm

* Chipping Zone (on-to Putting Green)

* Tee shots distance till 280 meter possible

* Artificial Putting Green (approx. 300 Sqm)

Ball machine payment methods:

*All contactless payments (not Post Finance)

  e.g. Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay,

  Android Pay, Monyx etc.

* CHF 5.- coins

* Golf Driving Range Pieterlen Ball Card

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